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Top 3 Wedding Band Trends of 2016

While the focus is on your wedding dress when the big day arrives, your wedding band is something you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. Because of this, some brides opt for a classic look that never goes out of style. More adventurous brides, however, embrace wedding ring trends with open arms. If you’re one of then, here are the top three wedding band trends of 2016. All are absolutely beautiful to behold, so shop knowing there is no wrong answer on this one.

The Gap

Popularized by Mariah Carey, having a gap between your engagement and wedding band is now all the rage. Women have spent decades trying to figure out how to get rid of this gap, with some even going so far as to have their rings permanently welded together. Modern brides, however, are embracing the gap and intentionally choosing a wedding band that doesn’t sit flush against their engagement ring.

Interwoven Bands

In 2016, interwoven wedding bands are a popular choice. These bands actually weave together two rings to create an intertwining pattern. Some rings combine a diamond band with a simpler one while others weave together rings of two different colors for a unique contrast. Many choose these rings as a symbol of the interweaving of two lives into one. An interwoven band is an excellent choice because it’s symbolic nature is enduring, even if this trend itself turns out not to be.

Shared Prongs

Eternity bands are still a popular choice as are five-stone rings. The advantage of going with just five stones is that you are less likely to rub the stones and prongs on damaging surfaces since there are only diamonds on the outside of the finger. Less diamonds also makes for a less expensive but equally attractive option. If you choose either of these bands, modernize they’re look with shared prongs. Shared prongs allow two diamonds seated next to each other to share one prong rather than each having their own. Doing so adds to the sparkle of the ring since there are fewer prongs to get in the way.

Bonus Trend: Colors

Although it doesn’t quite make the cut for the top three wedding band trends, color is just fashionable enough that it shouldn’t be overlooked. Brides are adding brightly colored gemstones like rubies and sapphires to their wedding bands for a look as colorful and bold as their personality. Some are even opting for a wedding band that is a different color than their engagement ring; a look that is quite stunning on brides brave enough to embrace it.

Trends aside, the most important thing is to choose a ring that calls to you. Be it trendy or traditional, all that matters is that your ring speaks to you and reminds you of the love you share.

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