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Steps to Take When You Break Your Phone

A cell phone is one of the most easily broken or lost items you own. It is also an incredibly expensive item, so breaking it can have devastating consequences on your life. Fortunately, there are steps you can take when you break your phone to fix the situation and recover from the loss.

1. Buy A Phone Repair Kit

A broken phone doesn’t have to result in a cellular emergency. There are plenty of smartphone damages that can be repaired at home by you. It would benefit you to purchase a smartphone repair kit to ensure you have the proper tools and instructions to fix your phone properly and efficiently. Keep in mind that once you open the case to your phone, both your warranty and your insurance will be void so proceed with caution.

2. Sell The Phone For Extra Cash

If your phone is broken beyond repair and you’d rather not spend money to have it professionally repaired, you can still make a few extra dollars by selling your broken phone in online auction sites or to companies that purchase broken cell phones for parts. This is a great way to start saving up for a new phone or to make back some of the money you spent on the one that broke. Don’t forget to remove your SIM and SD cards before selling it.

3. Get An Early Upgrade

Your cell phone carrier has ways for you to obtain a new phone should your current one break while under contract. Many cell phone contracts have an upgrade clause which allows the customer to trade in their current cell phone for a new phone after a certain amount of time has passed. If you break your phone near the end of your time period, your carrier most likely has an early upgrade option which you should take advantage of. There may be some added expenses for an early upgrade, but it’ll be cheaper than buying a new phone.

4. Buy A New One

Buying a new phone isn’t a viable option for many people because of the immense out-of-pocket cost, but if you’re clever and know where to look you can find some great deals on newer generation phones. When purchasing a new phone, be sure that the phone is compatible with your current carrier, if you’re not buying it directly from your carrier. An unlocked phone is likely to be compatible with most major cellular carriers, so be sure that your new phone specifies that it’s unlocked.

People who are prone to breaking or losing their cell phones should seriously consider purchasing an insurance plan for their new phone. Insurance plans will cover your phone for a set amount of time and for certain types of damages at an affordable price.

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