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How to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

When you have children, it is a good idea to prepare them for a move to a new home, especially when it is in a new city. For the mental and physical well-being of a child, it is vital to discuss the changes that will occur from the moving process.

Preparing Children 1: Discuss Your Plans For Moving

If you know ahead of time that you are moving to a new location, then it is essential for you to discuss it with your child first. Your child might have concerns about things such as changing schools or leaving her friends, so in addition to talking about the move, make sure to alleviate her fears.

Preparing Children 2: Begin To Organize a Child’s Possessions

Moving to a new location will require packing everything that you and your children need. It is wise to begin the organization process as soon as possible, but don’t make your child throw away all of her beloved dolls, games or books.

Preparing Children 3: Let Your Child Visit the New Home

If you can bring a child along while looking for a new home, then it can make her less fearful about moving. Alternatively, you can take pictures of the new house and your child’s new bedroom so that she will feel excited about moving to a new location.

Preparing Children 4: Contact Your Children’s New School

Make sure to contact your child’s new school to talk to the administrators. If you are moving during the middle of a school year, then it is possible that the teacher and your child’s classmates can meet by using a computer. This can help to relieve your child’s fears about changing to a different school in a new location.

Preparing Children 5: Arrange Care For Younger Children

Moving day is stressful, so if you can take a younger child to a relative’s home, then it will make the entire process easier. Movers are going to be lifting and moving heavy boxes or appliances, so having your infant or toddler in a safer location is preferable. Older children may also feel anxious during the move, so you can arrange to take your son or daughter to a playmate’s house for the day.

Preparing Children 6: Act Out the Moving Process

When you have younger children, explaining the moving process is easier by acting out the process. You can use dollhouses and play trucks to show how you are going to move from a small apartment to a larger home. If you don’t have the toys to act out a move, then use drawing paper and crayons to show what will happen as you are moving to a new location.

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