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How to Best Organize Your Storage Unit

A storage unit is an option to consider if you’re moving and won’t have anywhere to keep your belongings until getting into your new home or if you have items that you don’t want to throw out but don’t want to keep in your home. Most storage units are square or rectangular in size, providing a clean slate for organizing the boxes and other items that you have. Before putting anything in your storage unit, you should make sure items are packed in as many plastic containers as possible or wrapped in plastic if needed to prevent moisture from reaching the things that are inside.

Make a list of the items that are in the containers that you put in the storage unit, or label all of the containers clearly with large letters. Write the information on top of the container so that it’s easy to know what’s inside each box. Another option is to color-code the containers. When you pack the items in your home before moving, assign each room a color. Only use boxes or labels of that color for that room. If you’re using a storage unit for holiday items or things in the home that you don’t need for a period of time, then consider getting containers or labels with decorations on them that match what’s inside.

Put the heaviest items on the bottom before stacking smaller and lighter boxes. If possible, use pallets on the floor to keep containers lifted. This can prevent any pests from invading your belongings if there are any in the unit. Start packing your unit at the back, creating a pathway through the unit from the door in case you need to get to anything without removing all of the containers. If you store furniture, keep all of it on one side of the unit and the boxes on the other side.

Try not to use plastic bags to hold your belongings if possible. If there is any kind of moisture in the unit, then mildew will accumulate faster on the plastic than on other materials. When you’re packing heavy items, use smaller boxes so that they aren’t heavy. Anything breakable should be wrapped separately before being put in a box. When you put containers with breakable items in the unit, try to put them as close to the floor as possible instead of stacking them to prevent the boxes from falling.

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