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Do You Want to be a One-man-show business or a Team

An online business or e-commerce is the current business module, which can reach out to the target audience by making use of the power of the internet. Many people who start e-business and only a small percentage of them succeed. Why is it so? There are some basic things which each of us must do to make our business success.

how_to_create_a_team_of_leaders_to_help_your_business_thriveTarget the audience and the customers:

The first and foremost thing is to understand the target audience and find out who the ideal customers are. The second thing is to rely upon on the power of teamwork and to build a team which takes your business to the next level.

Working with a team, especially a virtual team to grow your e-business is not very easy. You could coordinate them for at times and ensure that the work is done effectively, but not for all the time. But definitely, there are certain things which you can do either to avoid a difficult situation or to recover from it.

So here are some strategies and tips keep the entire team motivated, productive and coherent.


Lack of a right communication method is one of the main reasons why an e-business fails. The strength of a team is imperative it is not possible to compensate by anybody. You need to make sure that there are right strategies which make it possible for each team members to communicate with each other. You can make use of Skype, Hangout and Basecamp to collaborate your team. Company Wide conversation is an opportunity for team members to exchange information, ideas and strategies and it will help in increasing the productivity.


Measure productivity

Whenever you are working with a team, it is important to measure their output so as to find out their productivity. It is critical to track the number of hours worked and other essential indicators of productivity. It is also important to organize a system with overlapping times so that you can bring together members who are working in different time zones.

Engage the team with feedbacks

Noticing individual achievements and rewarding them is important for all kinds of business. You can give feedbacks for the work executed by your team because it will motivate them and prepare them for repeating it in the future. Let your team know that you appreciate their contributions and hard work. It is also good to appreciate the efforts of your team member by giving them incentives at the right time.

We must create an environment where each one of us is working together as a team and not separate so that our business will benefit from the strength of the team rather than being a one-man-show business.