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A Guide on How to Survive Active Shooter

Active shooter situations seem to be commonplace in schools and businesses across the country. If you follow a few tips, then you can often overcome this type of situation as long as you stay calm. Most of the time, active shooter situations take place on the spur of the moment with no warning that they are going to happen. Unless someone is dressed in gear that makes that person stand out as a shooter, anyone could possess a gun and begin shooting. Keep in mind that police officers usually take about 10 minutes to respond to a call of this nature unless they are close to the location.

When you enter the building, pay attention to where all of the exits are located. Look for some of the exits that don’t stand out to others because these will usually be the easiest ways to escape. If you’re in a building, don’t go to the main exit as this is where everyone else will be headed. Instead, make your way to a storage area to go through the loading dock. Windows are an option inside businesses and schools as well.

Try to sit near some kind of exit. This could save your life as well as others because it gives you a chance to find someone who can help or who can call the proper authorities for assistance. Avoid being in the middle of the room. This is helpful information to remember if there is a shooter or if there is a natural disaster that occurs because everyone will try to get out of the room at one time, which means you’re in the middle of the hysteria.

Wear clothing that doesn’t make you stand out from other people. Don’t wear bright clothes or flashy jewelry. These items can make you an easy target as you stand out from the rest of the crowd, giving the shooter someone easy to spot instead of spending a few moments searching for a target. Examine your surroundings no matter where you go so that you’re prepared in case something happens. Don’t look down at your phone all the time. Pay attention to your instincts. If you think that you’re in a situation that feels out of the ordinary or if it feels like something will happen, then leave as soon as possible. When you get outside, keep going away from the building. If there isn’t a way to escape, then cover yourself with as much as you can. If you’re at school, then put a bookbag in front of you and behind you if possible. Stay quiet, and don’t call attention to yourself until the shooter leaves or is taken down.

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