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9 Advantages to Working Out with a Friend

If you are getting bored working out alone or just looking to try something different, you should bring a friend along. There are many advantages to working out with a partner, and here are 9 of them to consider:


  1. Accountability – There are two ways that working out with a buddy can help to keep you accountable. First, you are more apt to workout when you schedule it ahead of time. Second, if you know someone is counting on you, you will be less apt to skip a workout, as you don’t want to inconvenience the other person.
  2. Motivation – Friends can help to motivate you when the workout gets hard and you can really push each other to work toward your goals.
  3. Two-Person Exercises – There are a lot of exercises that are meant for two people. An example of a two-person exercise would be a squat with rotational pass of a weighted medicine ball.
  4. Learn New Moves – If you have been working out alone for a while, you may be stuck in a workout rut. Your friend may be able to give you new workout moves to try and you can do the same for them. Helps to keep your workouts fresh.
  5. Competition – A little friendly competition isn’t a bad thing. If your friend is a little better at you at something or vice versa, it can help to push you to work a little harder to get to where the other person is.
  6. Spotter – One great benefit to working out with a friend is that you can help spot each other when lifting weights.
  7. Fun – Working out with a friend can be great fun. Trying new exercises, doing some together and you can even catch up. If you are doing some cardio side by side on a treadmill or spinning on a bike you can catch up on what has been going on in your lives.
  8. Carpool – Carpooling is better for the environment, plus it will help you save money on gas. Carpooling to the gym with your workout buddy is great as you can plan your workouts in the car on the way.
  9. Save Money – If you and your friend are interested in trying out a personal trainer, it might be beneficial to get one together. Oftentimes, personal trainers increase the price for a session but if you both split the cost it comes out cheaper than just working out with one alone. Not all personal trainers will train two people at once, but some do. It would be best if you and your friend were similar in fitness level.

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