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8 Times to Celebrate With Cigars

If you are new to cigars or are a seasoned pro, you may wonder – when is it appropriate to light up and celebrate? There are indeed many special occasions and cause for celebration that call for breaking out a cigar and having a puff.  Here are a few of the best:


  1. Birth of a Baby:

Bringing a new baby into the world can be a joyous and wondrous time. It is tradition for a new father to pass out cigars with “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” printed on the wrapper. Makes a good opportunity for family and friends to celebrate with a cigar.

  1. Your Wedding:

If you are getting married, it is important to be relaxed before the ceremony. Having a cigar before your wedding can take the edge off any nerves. You can also hand out cigars with “Just Married” printed on the wrapper to guests at your wedding or just the wedding party. As there are often a lot of photos on a wedding day, you can always have one taken with your groomsmen with cigar in hand; which will make for a memorable moment.

  1. New Years Eve:

Ah, ringing in the new year. Break out the champagne and get out the cigars. Nothing like closing out one year and starting a new one with cigar in hand – great way to celebrate.

  1. At the Casino/Poker Night:

If you are into high stakes poker or just like to hit up the slot machines, it is common to see cigar and cigarette smoking in casinos. Smoking a cigar in the casino or even at your buddy’s house for poker night can make for a great bonding experience.

  1. Bachelor Party:

Nothing like celebrating a man’s last time out with his buddies before getting married than grabbing a cigar.

  1. Promotion:

Getting promoted at your place of work is a great accomplishment – one that is perfect for having a cigar and settling in with a glass of scotch.

  1. At Christmas:

Sitting at home in front of the fire on Christmas Day, is a wonderful time to celebrate with a cigar. Celebrate the joy and comfort of the season.

  1. After Thanksgiving Dinner:

After you give thanks and enjoy a heavy thanksgiving meal, settling in front of a football game with cigar in hand is a way to kick back and relax before work the next day.


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to light up and celebrate with a cigar. Just be respectful of others when smoking and make sure to put out your cigar properly to reduce risk of an accidental fire.

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