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8 Smart Tips for Custom T-shirt Designs

As society places a greater emphasis on the need to express oneself, custom T-shirts grow in popularity. Surely creativity does not come easy for everybody, so before designing a custom shirt, it is important to educate yourself on some stellar tips that will make the task far more enjoyable.

Invest Plenty of Time and Thought

If you have ever had an idea pop into your head, acted on it immediately, and were dissatisfied with the results, it is important that you remember that before doing it again. Craft your idea and spend at least a few days finalizing the entire layout in your head. If you still appreciate the concept after a few days, bring it to life.

Draft on an Actual Shirt

T-shirts are uniformly cut, so utilizing any one for your idea is a great way to ensure that you will appreciate the final product. Sketch your idea on paper, hold the design over the shirt, and use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Simplicity Is Key

An intricate design does not always smoothly transition to being on a shirt. Simple designs tend to translate your intended message more effectively, are easier to print, and are better scaled. Contrary to popular belief, plenty of detail can be put into a simple design.

Keep the Message Subtle

While custom shirts are mostly for the designer, they are also made in an attempt to convey a message or to advertise something. In order for people to be able to understand a shirt, the message must be concise–even if it is art rather than words. Additionally, you never necessarily want your message to be offensive, so subtle humor and realism are important aspects to keep in mind.

Know Your Colors

While colors do not have to necessarily match, certain combinations create a flawless design that eyes cannot help but fall upon. Understand which hues compliment each other, and incorporate them into your product.

Know the Dimensions of a T-shirt

Your design is complete and you are ready to print it on a shirt. However, you did not consider that the shirt only has so much flat space for the design, and your favorite element has been lost on the sleeve. Measuring a shirt that is your size is important, and scaling your design to fit properly is essential.

Educate Yourself on Other Brands

Graphic design has influenced the T-shirt business drastically, and while you may believe your layout is original, it could very well be reminiscent of a popular brand. Ensure that you are not infringing on somebody else’s artwork before making your own shirts.

Know the Trends

If you are crafting shirts as a means to distribute them, it is important to understand what the current fads are, and what is coming to the market in order to stay relevant.

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