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8 Big Pool Problems with Surprisingly Simple Solutions

In the summer heat, having a pool can be truly refreshing and relaxing. However, all of the fun of owning a pool does mean that you may need to spend some time fixing issues. Many pool owners worry about having to spend a lot of time and money dealing with issues, but it is actually very fast and easy to deal with these pool problems. With these quick solutions, you can go back to enjoying your summer fun as soon as possible.

1. Green Water
The warm temperatures can cause algae to flourish in your pool water, making your water look green and murky. Fortunately, there are algaecide solutions that can naturally kill algae without harming swimmers in the water. You can also shock your pool to kill the algae.

2. Clogged Filter
When your filter is working overtime, it may suddenly get clogged and full. This is easily fixed just by clearing out the pool filter and using a chemical cleaner annually.

3. Losing Water From the Pool
If you notice that your pool seems to constantly be losing water, you may be having an issue with excessive evaporation. To conserve water, use a pool cover to shade your pool from the dry summer sun.

4. Irritated Skin After Swimming
Many people mistakenly assume that this is due to excessive amounts of chlorine, but the actual issue is typically imbalanced pH levels. Check your pH levels and try to balance them with a shock treatment.

5. Clouded Water
Cloudy water can be caused by debris or unbalanced pool chemicals, but it can quickly be fixed with a pool flocculant. This compound works by gathering all the cloud-causing particles into a mass at the bottom of the pool that can quickly be vaccuumed up.

6. Foamy Surface
This is typically caused by using a cheap algaecide, and it can only be fixed by using an anti-foam agent in your pool. Read the label of your algaecide in the future to make sure it is not a foaming version.

7. Green Hair
Whether you are a natural blonde or a bottle blonde, you may notice that your hair turns green after swimming in a pool. This is caused by excess copper levels in the water, but you can buy a metal control product designed to remove these staining trace minerals from your pool

8. Brown Water
Brown water is also typically caused by excess metals in your hard water that cannot be removed with chlorine. Just like the previous issue, it can be fixed with a metal control product.

Some of these problems can be lessened by using a pool cover when the pool is not in use.

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