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7 Tips for Customizing Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a popular alternative to reward, acknowledge, or honor employees and team members alike. Customizing challenge coins is easy because all you need to do is come up with your own graphics in a creative way. However, to maximize the space and material of the coin, here are some tips to follow.

1. If your company logo has intrinsic graphics, choose for a picture coin with epoxy top.
Provide your artwork, and it will be transfered onto the surface of the coin. It is then covered with epoxy coating so that the art can be seen through it, exactly as is.

2. If your logo is ‘bland,’ or minimalist in nature, select a 3D engraved coin.
This increases the dramatic effect of the logo and brings out a dimension of strength to your brand since the logo will be literally carved into the metal.

3. If you are more concerned about colors, select a “poker chip” coin.
These types of challenge coins are made with a material that allows for an entire picture to be lasered into the surface. It is basically like printing a picture on a coin, allowing you to show off your colors in a creative way.

4. Pick a shape that represents what your group does.
Not all coins have to be round, or look the same. Some challenge “coins” are made into anything, from bottle openers to beverage coasters. This is done to really stand out as a group, and to also make the coin more prone to be displayed as an object of daily use.

5. The sky is the limit
Most challenge coin companies possess the necessary equipment to create coins that are customized to the exact needs of the customer. This includes making coins of different shapes, sizes and with a potential multiplicity of uses. Do not limit yourself to the models that you have seen somewhere else. Design your own and submit the images for a free estimate.

6. Make multiple versions for competitive teams
If your team or company is all about productivity and competition, a variety of coins should be available for ranking purposes. Think “bronze, silver and gold.” Moving the group to the next milestone may require a bigger, newer, and even more fancy coin than the previous one.

7. Allow for someone in the company to create the logo
A great team building exercise, allowing for employees and team members to be a part of the coin design brings everyone together to “buy into” the use of the challenge coins.

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