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7 Things to do to Prevent Sport Injuries

If you exercise in any way whether you run, hit the gym, or cross-train, there is the chance of injury. But what you can do is reduce the likelihood that you will get a sports injury. One of the very best ways to do that is by warming up before you begin to exercise and don’t ever skip it!

Even if you are strapped for time, it is better to do a full warm-up and shorten the workout. You need to properly warm up your body so that you don’t pull something and have to forgo exercise or training for weeks. You will be more flexible and better able to work your body. Warming up increases the temperature of your body and helps bring up the heart rate.

Wear the right type of gear. If you are biking, wear your helmet. Be sure also to wear running shoes if you are running and any other “special” equipment that you need to stay comfortable and supported when you exercise.

You should also follow the 10% rule. This basically means that you should not increase your routine more than 10% in a week. So if you walk one mile this week, you can bump up to 1.2 miles next week and so on.

Your body is smart and will “remember” the exercise that you do so try not to repeat the same workout two days in a row. Switch it up to challenge your body. This way you are less likely to overwork and thus injure certain muscles and joints.

When using equipment for the very first time be sure to get familiar with how they are meant to be used or if ask an instructor to show you the proper way to use a piece of exercise equipment if one is available to you.

You should also use equipment that is working properly and make sure that you use the proper technique. Don’t push yourself and know your limits. If you feel like you’re pushing it too hard, switch to lighter weights or slow it down and progress gradually.

Be sure to stay hydrated and cool. If you are working outside in a hot room, turn on a fan and add some ice cubes to your water bottle and dress in loose-fitting clothing to help prevent overheating. Also try to workout during the cooler times of the day if you are outside to avoid the risk of overheating.

If you follow these simple tips you will get a good workout in and you are much less likely to get an injury. You will ensure that you are giving your body the chance to recover as it builds muscle and tones up.

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