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7 Innovative Ways to Encourage Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation tactics are a skill set that is necessary for all aspects of life. Good negotiation tactics leave both sides of the interaction enriched, engaged, and satisfied.

Here are seven innovative ways to acquire superior negation tactics.

1. Rapport
A good rapport helps in setting the tone of the negotiations. Spending a little bit of time establishing a friendly interaction will go far in furthering the negations. It moves the proceedings from a mood of adversarial interaction to one where trust and communication ensure the most positive outcome for both parties.

2. Transparency
There is a tendency in negations to keep goals and ideas to oneself. This isn’t necessary always wrong, but people tend to mirror our behavior. If you want to have a successful interaction at the negotiation table it’s best to model the sort of co-operation that you would like to receive in return.

3. Knowledge
It has been said that knowledge is power and this is especially true on the turf of negotiations. Before you begin it’s best to know what you want, what it’s worth, and what you are willing to spend in terms of resources to acquire it. Realistic figures based on research should be on hand beforehand.

4. Prioritize and Communicate
Let your negotiating partner know what your priorities are in the process of working towards an agreement. Let them know what is open to compromise and what is final. If you have questions and concerns voice them. Communication by articulating needs and active listening will go far in helping both parties come away satisfied.

5. Set the Stage
Make the first move. The individual who makes the first offer sets the stage and tone for the negotiations. The first move is the one that tends to be the move that goes upon the drawing board, based on the principle of anchoring. Dare to go big.

6. The Counter Offer
Consider this like re-anchoring. You suggest a position that is more in line with what you would have suggested. Be fair and reasonable. Back your counter-offer with facts, statistics, and analysis.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of the Old Back and Forth
Like romance and hunting, we like to put a bit of effort into the chase. It’s a paradox that while most people may think that they aren’t natural negotiators, there is a satisfaction in acquiring something for a good price as a buyer and a pride in striking a good bargain as a seller. Working through negotiations allows both partners the space to meet their needs and to cover all the angles so that each side feels satisfied at the transaction’s conclusion.

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