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7 E-Liquid Flavors to Try out This Summer

Summer is here, and that means it is time to enjoy some cool summertime vapes. In this article we will take a look at seven highly reviewed e-liquids to try this summer. Whether you find yourself taking a stroll under the sun, hiking, or just relaxing in your hammock, all of these vapes will help you chill out.

1. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Every hot summer day should be complimented with a refreshing ice cream cone. Now, thanks to Vape Wild, you can enjoy the taste of creamy vanilla ice cream while you vape. This e-liquid is currently offered in nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 12mg. There are also three different VG/PG blends: 50/50, 65/35, and 80 percent VG.

2. Fresh Mint Vape Juice

Vaporfi offers a fresh mint blend that will satisfy all your cravings for the refreshing taste of a mint leaf. Currently this blend is available in both 70/30 and 50/50 PG/VG blends.

3. Lemonade

Instead of buying a cheap cup of powdered lemonade from those bratty kids down the block, why not enjoy your own lemonade vape? VapeJoose offers a yellow lemonade e-liquid guaranteed to satisfy your thirst. There are various nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 24mg. You can order your e-liquid with equal VG/PG or a little bit extra VG.

4. Afternoon Delight

Carpe Diem’s e-liquid blend “Afternoon Delight” celebrates summertime desserts. Here you will taste some blueberry crumble, banana cheesecake, cinnamon, and even French toast. This delightful dessert blend is available in nicotine blends ranging from 0mg to 12mg. This e-juice is a 70/30 VG/PG blend.

5. Summer

4 Seasonz Elixir’s “Summer” e-liquid is a staple for vapers who enjoy fruity flavors. Welcome in the season of sun with this strawberry and kiwi blend. This e-juice is available in a 60/40 VG/PG ratio. All 4 Seasonz Elixir blends are available in three nicotine levels: 3mg, 6mg, and 9mg.

6. Watermelon Chill

Another cool blend by Vaporfi is “Watermelon Chill.” Just as the name suggests, you will taste fresh watermelon infused with chilly menthol freeze in this e-liquid. You can choose either 50/50 or 70/30 VG/PG. Vaporfi sets the nicotine levels for you.

7. Udderly Nuts

“Udderly Nuts” e-juice is made by Mount Baker Vapor. This blend tries to capture the taste of a peanut butter and vanilla ice cream shake. For those who love milkshakes and peanut butter flavor, this is a great option. Nicotine strengths range from 0mg to 18mg. Also you can customize your VG/PG ratios between 20/80 to 80/20.

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