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6 Top Watch Brands in 2016

At the beginning of watch history their main function was to merely tell the time. Though their decorative appeal did play a small part in their being purchased, watches were used more as a necessity than to make some sort of fashion statement. Nowadays all a person has to do is pull out their cell phone and a digital clock stares back at them with more accuracy than any hand wound watch could ever muster. So, since it would seem the majority of people rely on a different source to tell the hours of the day, why on earth are watches even still around? The answer is fashion. And, just like any trending fashion accessory, knowing which brand is topping the fashion charts plays a big role in the style statement one makes.

Marc Jacobs
For years Marc Jacobs has paved the way in the fashion industry. Their watches are designed to fit the tastes of men and women while simultaneously keeping in line with the latest fashion styles. From the popular women’s Baker Strap to the casual but stylish men’s Larry Strap the watches by Marc Jacobs are a wonderful accessory choice for 2016.

According to CNN Style, Tudor is taking the watch world by storm. Their new Black Bay watch is said to be durable as well as incredibly stylish. Its simplistic design not only gives the timepiece a much wanted versatility, but it also allows the wearer to stand out as someone who knows their fashion.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren has long been a top name in the fashion industry. Their classy designs continue to catch the eye of apparel lovers, and 2016 appears to be a promising year. The new Automotive collection in men’s watches is being launched for those who share Ralph Lauren’s passion for classic cars. It’s combination of viewable gears and wood paneling gives the watch collection the right mix of mechanics and fashion.

Michael Kors
This particular brand name is no newbie to the trend setting stage. Men and women have adorned their wrists with Kors’ watches for years, and it doesn’t seem that 2016 will be any different. The Bradshaw Two Tone watch collection for men and women is a continuous best seller that offers style, class, and versatility to the wearer. Not to mention the eye catching Slim Runway and Gage collections that buyers can’t get enough of.

Though Fossil has held its ground with its watch competitors over the years, one of the biggest offers client’s can look forward to is the option of customization. Being able to get exactly what one wants from the brand they love has been popular for the last few years, and 2016 is definitely no exception. Watch connoisseurs can choose the band and face of a timepiece that matches their personality and tastes.

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