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6 Tips to Throw the Perfect Baby Shower

Oh, the joy of having a baby. It is inevitable, as some point in your lifetime you or someone you know, will have a baby. If you find that that magical time is arriving soon and you find that you need to throw a baby shower and have no idea where to begin – keep reading.


Here are 6 tips to help you throw the perfect baby shower – whether it is for yourself, a friend or a dear loved one.


  1. Invitations: Though invitations online have taken off, there is still a charm to traditional paper invitations. Plus, not everyone uses social media or email. You wouldn’t want grandma to not come just because she isn’t online. Another benefit would be adding a paper invitation to the baby book.
  2. Games/Activities: There are many games and activities that can be done at showers – some are better than others. Try to pick a game or activity that isn’t humiliating to the mom-to-be and will be lighthearted and fun. One idea is to have every guest bring in a picture of him or her as a baby. Hang the pictures up on a cute little clothesline and everyone can discuss and take turns figuring out who is who.
  3. Food/Beverages: There are a lot of different ways you could go with the food and beverages. You could go ‘baby’ themed: i.e. baby back ribs, baby corn, baby carrots, etc. Or, you go simple and have pizza or sub sandwiches delivered. Dessert is often seen at a baby shower – you could get a cake, cupcakes or cookies that are decorated on theme with the shower. Beverages are pretty easy, as you can make a punch or serve sodas and bottled water.
  4. Big Reveal: Some couples opt to do a gender reveal at their baby shower. This can be done in many ways. Whether the gender is revealed throughout decorations, through dessert, piñata, etc. there are various ways to reveal the gender to your guests.
  5. Be Prepared for Gift Unwrapping: Unwrapping gifts can be a messy activity and it can be hard to remember who purchased the gift. Keep a notepad and trash bag off to the side so wrapping paper can go right in the bin while you take notes on who the gift was from. Keeping notes on what was received and by who is a great help when it comes time to send thank you notes.


If you follow these tips, you can throw the perfect baby shower for the mom-to-be.

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