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6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Summer Ambiance in Your Home

With spring cleaning out of the way, your home is primed for a fresh start in summer. Here’s how you can take your house from stuffy to sunny in the warm months.

1. Grow with the flow

Greenery is appropriate for the season of growth. It’s easy to grow fragrant (and useful!) herbs like mint and chives in your own kitchen. Trendy succulents are a compact, low maintenance addition to the bedroom or bathroom window. In the living room, palm leaves and banana fronds are as eye-catching as any piece of art.

2. Make it white

A minimalist makeover is the most effective way to get your home ready for summer. Breezy shades of white make your living area feel more like a vacation home. Rooms look bigger with white walls that catch the sunlight, and lightweight linens and white wicker furniture prove that monochromatic spaces don’t have to be stark. You’ll feel refreshed in an interior worthy of a Mediterranean island.

3. Try something sweet

Summer is when all our favorite fruits are in season. A fun fruit motif gives your home a taste of summer and a much needed splash of color. Try filling a vase with cheerful lemon slices. Replace heavy coffee table tomes with a pineapple centerpiece. Hang prints of America’s most beloved summer fruits, watermelons and cherries. Combine DIY projects, thrift discoveries, and real fruit.

4. Embrace the natural look

Introduce a vacation vibe to your floors by laying down natural fiber rugs. Sisal rugs are made from a plant that grows in tropical areas like Indonesia and the Bahamas. The fiber absorbs dye well and comes in many patterns. Bamboo, seagrass, and coconut husks are also popular rug materials. Authentic natural textures transform any room.

5. Get the scents of summer

Fragrance is a simple but striking way to create ambience in your home. Bring the beach inside with a sea salt scented candle. Or light up a candle that conjures dewy grass and campfires. However you imagine your ideal summer atmosphere, there’s a candle that evokes the feeling. Look for fresh, summery elements like jasmine, neroli, coconut, and seasonal staple citronella.

6. Throw it all together

You don’t have to bring out new furniture for the season. Just update your old couches and armchairs with some strategically placed throw pillows. Small but colorful, their fun hues will liven up a dark room without losing its cozy feeling. Summery shades like yellow, coral, and turquoise go swimmingly with your living room’s neutrals. Throw pillows are one of the most inexpensive ways to warm up the home.

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