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6 Problems With Not Properly Preparing for a Business Presentation

Running a meeting requires a great deal of preparation. While no meeting follows the script in your head, there is a real need to put in the effort. What happens when you don’t prepare properly? In most cases, one of the six issues below.


It Shows Disrespect

When people come to a meeting, they’re taking time out of their own schedules to do something that’s important to you. If you breeze into a meeting without preparing, you’re showing that you don’t care about them. This can have huge ramifications for your future, especially when you start trying to find people to support the projects about which you care.

It Destroys Your Image

According to Forbes, a lack of preparation for meetings can wreak havoc on your reputation. This is especially true at high levels, where most of the choices for advancement to a board are based on personal recommendations. All of the effort you put into your career can be torpedoed if you fail to prepare for an important meeting.

It Wastes Time

Lack of preparation is a time-waster. The more time you spend in a meeting, the less time you spend doing productive work. Lack of preparation leads to a nebulous agenda, which in turn leads to a longer meeting. Don’t waste the time of others – prepare. If you don’t have time to prepare, you don’t have time for a meeting.

It Embarrasses the Company

A bad meeting can mar your company’s reputation. If you are in a high-level position, your lack of preparation can lead employees to believe that all meetings are useless. This will impact morale and generally impact the way that others view your company. Taking the time to prepare for a meeting will help others to see that your company cares about the reasons for which it calls meetings.

It Wastes Money

In addition to time, a lack of preparation is a waste of money. It’s not just working hours that are being wasted, either – you’re wasting valuable meeting room real estate. The time you spend on a useless meeting is time that could be better used by someone else. If you want to eliminate waste from the bottom line, start by eliminating meetings for which you are not prepared.

It Shows the Meeting Doesn’t Matter

According to CNN, workers think about one third of meetings are a waste of time. If your meeting is poorly run, it’s definitely going to fall into that bottom third. While you might have good content, no one will care when you fail to put in the basic effort of preparation.

Preparing for a meeting shows a certain level of respect for your business and for the people in attendance. Avoid the waste associated with a bad meeting – do a little work beforehand. While you may not always notice the difference, those in attendance will appreciate the effort.

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