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5 Travel Tips for When You Have Incontinence

When living with incontinence, you need to plan ahead. Not having control of your bladder and/or bowels means that problems can arise unexpectedly. While traveling with incontinence is difficult, it’s certainly possible. Here are five travel tips for when you have incontinence.

1. Understand Your Body

Incontinence affects our ability to realize when we need to use the bathroom. However, if you’ve been incontinent long enough, you’ll be able to assess when you have to go. Pay attention to your schedule and make sure that you are not traveling at a time when you’ll be affected negatively. You want to be able to take care of matters on a strict schedule and not be caught off-guard.

2. Have Supplies

Adult undergarments are an essential when traveling with incontinence. You won’t be able to make it to a restroom immediately while on the road or on a plane. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re as well-stocked as possible. Make sure you have more than enough to last you for the entirety of the trip, there and back. You should also have things like wipes on hand for cleaning up.

3. Limit Intakes

The more you eat and drink, the more you’ll need to use the bathroom. You don’t want to starve yourself or deprive yourself of water, but you should be careful. Make sure that you are not going over your limit. You don’t want to have to change any more than necessary. Doing so could stall the progress of your trip and make you run out of supplies faster than you anticipated.

4. Travel With Others

Incontinence can be difficult to manage alone. Having someone else by your side is important. With another person, you can take care of clean up all the more. Make sure that the other person is aware of your incontinence is comfortable with assisting you. It’s only fair to them that they know exactly what they’re dealing with.

5. Follow Doctor’s Orders

When your doctor diagnoses you with incontinence, they will have certain suggestions and rules to follow. Before booking a trip, ask them if traveling would be an issue. If they have certain restrictions in place, such as not traveling more than a certain distance, you should follow what they say.

Incontinence can be difficult, but it is manageable. If you are traveling, you need to make sure you’re properly prepared in every aspect. That way, you can have the best trip possible.

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