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When planning a design for your backyard, there are many decisions that come into play such as the amount of space you have, the type of landscaping you want and the kinds of plants and flowers to use. Something you may have overlooked, but should consider, is to include a Pergola. A Pergola is affordable for most budgets and has different sizes, designs and materials to choose from, to suit your taste.

You may ask yourself, what are five smart reasons that will help me decide to include a Pergola in my backyard landscape design, and would I want a professional to build it, or should I build it myself? Some reasons to help in your decision are:

1. Establishes a Designated Area for Certain Activities:

Since it is a partially covered area, you can build a kitchen or fire pit to enjoy outdoor cooking, use it to eat meals or drink your morning coffee or relax on your patio furniture while enjoying a good book.

  1. Can Use it for Plants:

It’s a perfect place to grow plants and vegetables, both in pots and hanging baskets. Flowering baskets look beautiful hanging from the beams, and placing flowerpots throughout, add color to your décor. The beams are perfect for ivy and vines to grow and climb.

  1. Provides a Shady Area:

Even though it has open sides, the overhead beams provide a great spot to get a reprieve and some protection from the sun; therefore, you are able to spend more time outdoors. If you want more shade in the months needed the most, a canopy or retractable shades could be installed.

  1. Pergolas Add Beauty to Your Design:

Including it in your landscape will be visually appealing and add to the look you desire. When family, friends or neighbors visit, they can also enjoy the beautiful structure, relaxing atmosphere and just being able to be outside on a nice day instead of being cooped up inside.

  1. Gives You a Place of Privacy:

Sometimes you want privacy and a place in your yard to go, especially if houses are built close together and the rest of your yard is out in the open. A Pergola provides the perfect place. It can be made even more private by adding lattice, drapes, blinds or screens. It is like having an outdoor room in your backyard.

If building the Pergola yourself, wood prices vary, but if using various types of wood, you can stain the wood to match. Whatever you choose for your backyard landscape design, adding a Pergola is something you will enjoy for a long time, and the decision to build one is one you won’t regret!

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