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5 Safety Tips For Water Rafting With Children

Water rafting is a beloved hobby for many adventurous adults who love the outdoors. Parents with children who enjoy water rafting will often take their children with them. When children are involved, special safety measures should be taken. Below, you will find five safety tips for water rafting with children.

1. Make A Nap Area

Children get worn out easily in their younger years and can become quite grouchy and fussy. Once they enter into this grouchy and fussy state, they can be inconsolable and ornery which are both safety dangers when out on the water. Be sure to leave room on the raft for the children to lay down and take a nap if need be. There should always be a vigilant adult near the sleeping children to provide care or assistance if needed.

2. Pack For Emergencies

When you book a water rafting trip, you must be fully aware of the possible dangers that you and your family could encounter. Be sure that you are prepared for many different types of emergencies by packing the proper items. One of the most important items you should pack is a first aid kit. Children are rambunctious and clumsy, so you should always be prepared to patch a skinned knee or a bleeding cut.

3. Teach Them The Basics

Although there will be many adults on your water rafting trip, it’s crucial that the children are taught the basics of water rafting and water safety in the event that one of the children ends up in a precarious situation. Teaching children the basics of water safety will also help to prevent accidents that would occur if the children didn’t know how and when to be cautious.

4. Have One Adult For Every Child

The most reliable way that you can ensure the safety of children brought on your water rafting trip is to bring one adult for every child. This will guarantee that each child is given a proper amount of supervision and that every child will remain accounted for during the trip. To make this type of supervision fun, you could even have each adult and child pair up while you give the children instructions. Matching arm or wristbands can even be worn to denote which child belongs with which adult.

5. Explain Their Experiences

If you’re water rafting with children who are going out on the river for the first time, they’re going to be more prone to fear than excitement when they begin to experience new things. Sit down with all children and explain to them the things they’re going to experience such as the raft bobbing on the current, strong waters splashing them, and the possibility of the raft flipping over. Explain it to them in a way that sounds more like a game than something serious. Give each of them a designated adult to find and cling to should the raft tip over.

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