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5 Reasons to Have Military Ribbons Mounted on a Rack Builder

Military ribbons are cherished mementos and symbols of honorable achievement. It’s natural to want to preserve and display them, but getting an appropriate ribbon rack can be a challenge. A rack builder is one of the easiest ways to solve that problem. They can guarantee a rack that is the right size and style for holding ribbons, and they offer a few core benefits over the alternatives.

Order of Precedence

Military ribbons should always be displayed in the proper order of precedence, even when they are placed on a rack. Many people find it difficult to get them in the right order by hand because there are so many different military ribbons to take into account. A rack builder program simplifies that process because it can automatically add all of the appropriate ribbons in the proper order.


Building a rack is a difficult task, and many people lack the skills to do it. Hunting down a carpenter who can build a custom rack is also an option, but finding a good one takes a lot of time and effort. Rack builders are designed to be quick and easy, so they are significantly more convenient than the other options, especially for people who don’t have experience with this type of challenge.


Rack builders also offer a consistent degree of quality. Some individual artisans would do an excellent job when building a rack, while others would do relatively poor work. It is difficult to predict that it advance. Rack builders tend to be fairly high quality, and their quality is also predictable. Buyers always know exactly what sort of rack they will get for their ribbons.


A huge number of traditions surround military ribbons, including the way in which they are displayed. Most veterans want to keep up with those traditions, but it can be difficult for them to get every detail right when they need to find a rack on their own. Since rack builders are designed specifically to display military ribbons, using one is an easy way to make sure that everything follow the traditional forms while still offering some customization within the traditional framework.


Time can be an important consideration when acquiring a ribbon rack. Nobody wants to leave their ribbons to rot in a storage unit or risk losing them in the attic while they wait for their display rack. Rack builders are a relatively quick way to get a rack ready for display. It will take some time for the rack to ship to its final destination, but the wait will be much shorter than the wait for a fully customized rack from a woodworker.

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