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5 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Pediatric Private Nurse

Becoming a pediatric nurse can be stressful and heartbreaking (at times), but there’s no doubting that it can also be one of the most personally fulfilling jobs out there as well. As a pediatric nurse, you’ll be able to interact with kids on a daily basis, many of whom will look to you constantly for help and comfort. That, along with these five other reasons, make this career especially rewarding.

1. Job Growth

With so many industries seemingly on the decline, nursing is one field that is expected to grow substantially over the next decade. For instance, nursing is expected to grow by almost 15% every year between 2016 and 2026, which makes it much higher than average job growth across other industries. Since pediatrics is a subdivision of nursing, expect there to be an increase in these jobs on the horizon as well.

2. Better Hours

By the very nature of their job, most nurses are forced to work long shifts, sometimes as much as 12 hours straight or longer, which can be an exhausting time spent on their feet. Pediatric nursing is different; many of them help after the patient is already admitted and work more “normal” hours, such as 9-5, and hardly every long, overnight hours other nurses do.

3. More Specialized

A registered nurse is already a technical field, but the skills involved in pediatric nursing means better job security and a less competitive job field. Working with children will always be a need, so the more specialized you are in this area, the better your future prospects will be. Not to mention that you will need a higher level of education, which can transfer elsewhere if you choose to leave the profession.

4. Higher Pay

Registered nurses already are well-compensated, even for a starting nurse, with many of them coming in at just under $70,000. Pediatric nursing, in comparison, is even higher than that; a full-time pediatric nurse practitioner can take home over $100,000 with experience, which makes it a very lucrative field compared to other forms of nursing.

5. Interaction With Kids

Unfortunately, working with children who are undergoing severe health issues can be a physically and emotionally draining process. Many of them will ask questions about their situation that may leave you floored and speechless, while others will show such strength in their resolve that it will leave you feeling inspired. No matter how you slice it, working with kids is a unique experience, one that is incredibly difficult to manage, but well worth it for someone who has the heart for it. Not to mention an incredibly necessary job at that.

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