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4 Ways a Space Heater Can Lower Your Utility Bill

When looking for ways to save money each month, many people turn towards ways to cut the cost of their utility bills. During the winter months, that may seem like a tricky task because of the cost of keeping warm. Heating your home can turn out to be a big cost each month. Aside from braving the cold and going without heat altogether, there are other ways to try and cut down the costs a little in order to save some money on your monthly utility bill.

Affordable Choice

For some people, the answer may be to use a space heater in addition to the central heat. Some people may also decide on using a space heater alone. There are a few ways in which using a space heater can lower your utility bill. Space heaters come in a variety of sizes and types and are generally very affordable. No matter what your heating needs are, you will be able to find a space heater to meet those needs.

Quick Heat Source

A great benefit of using a space heater to keep warm during the winter is that you get instant heat. If you need to keep warm only during certain times of the day, such as in the morning right before work, you can get heated up quickly and then leave your home cold while you are gone. This can save you money since you don’t have to take time and waste money on energy heating up your whole house just for a small time frame.

Perfect For Small Areas

An easy way to save money on heating cost is simply to only heat a smaller area of your home. If you are not using certain rooms, then you should not waste money on heating them. If your family spends a majority of time in certain rooms, a space heater is the perfect way to warm up smaller spaces without wasting energy on unnecessary areas of your home. According to an article, the best types of space heaters are the ones that use the radiant heat method. This method directs the heat in one direction and doesn’t waste energy heating a whole space. If you are not planning on moving from room to room, this is the best option for staying warm.

Low Energy Usage

According to an article on, you may be able to cut your energy bill by up to 15 percent by just lowering your thermostat between 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours. During this time, you could easily use a space heater to heat up one or two rooms to make up for the change in thermostat and still stay warm while saving money.

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