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4 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great All Summer

Be kind to your lawn and it will pay you back all summer long. It will give you a place for the kids to play, and a place to proudly entertain friends. More than that, your lawn acts as a giant air conditioner for your home releasing oxygen and trapping dirt and dust. Like us, lawns look their best when they are healthy. Summer can be tough on lawns. Help keep your lawn looking great all summer with these four tips.

Feed Your lawn Before Summer

Fertilizing your lawn is important for its health, but fall and spring are the best times to do it. Once the hot summer comes, the lawn will be stressed. Some types of lawns even going dormant. Resist the urge to fertilize if you notice your lawn looking poorly in hot weather. Too much nutrition causes new growth that will only struggle, and the fertilizer will end up burning your lawn. To be safe, stop fertilizing a month before temps rise above 80 degrees.

Use Proper Watering Techniques

Of course, watering your lawn is essential during the summer but avoid short, frequent waterings. This can cause your grass to develop short roots that will stress the lawn during dry spells. It’s best to water with one good soak giving the lawn around an inch of water each week. If your lawn springs back when you step on it, it’s getting enough moisture. Be sure to water before 10 a.m. Otherwise, most of the water will evaporate.

Use the Correct Mowing Method

Don’t short your lawn’s health by cutting short. Adjust mower blade height and mow low to keep grass taller. Taller grass keeps soil shady which helps it retain moisture. This leads to deeper roots and cuts down on the chance of weed seeds germinating. As a rule of thumb, don’t mow more than about one-third of the grass blades at any one time. The grass will not dry out as quickly when the blades are longer.

Keep your lawn mower blade sharp. Dull blades won’t produce a clean cut. Torn, damaged grass becomes yellowed and susceptible to disease. The grass will end up needing extra water and more nutrients to recover. Sharpening three times a year should be adequate unless you’ve hit a lot of rocks.

Weed and Pest Control

Early to mid-summer is the time to get rid of weeds on your lawn. This way you are rid of them before they can disperse seeds. However, don’t use any product on the lawn when the temperature is above 85 degrees for a few days. This can damage heat-stressed lawns. It’s best to pull them up by hand.

Follow these four tips to keep your lawn healthy. It will reward your hard work by looking beautiful all summer.

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