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4 Effective Tips to Transition from 2D to 3D Modeling Software

The world of animation can be a fascinating canvas for many graphic designers. The transition from 2D to 3D modeling isn’t difficult to achieve. The transformation of digital artistry creates a rush of excitement to see the finished work.

Have you ever wondered what would be the easiest way to transform your 2D models into 3D models? These four practical effective tips may help you successfully achieve your goal.

Scaling has always been a basic fundamental during graphic design. Many text, objects or characters often need to be scaled to the proper size. If I needed to transform a 2D model into a 3D model I would first start by making sure I have more than one angle of the 2D image. After each angle has been accounted for of the 2D image I would start by scaling each image to the same size.

No matter the size of your 2D model visual circumference is a must. Most 2D models have a flat side and give no illusion of definition in the graphic detail. Adding a drop shadow to your properly scaled models helps create the illusion of circumference. Dropping shadows around your image should help add curves to the flat edges of your model.

Transitioning from 2D software to 3D software plays huge role on time and money. Unfortunately because 2D models have flat surface and edges, making corrections can be extremely difficult when you’re pressed for good time management on projects. 3D software gives you the ability to rotate the axis of your model. This way no part of model would need to stay facing a particular angle.

There’s no need to purchase 3D software when making the transition from 2D software. Plenty of digital software platforms offer their services for free. Hitfilm 4 Express is a prime example of free offline software. It offers 2D and 3D planes to work on. When transitioning from 2D to 3D modeling software easy use combining composites is important to the progress of your work.

When making this transition from 2D modeling software to 3D software always keep in mind the amount ram your computer system requires to run your software. Most 3D software uses a substantial amount of ram from computer systems. Each project will vary in detail, which means the amount of ram used will vary each time. If its improperly measured your at risk for disturbing glitches in the software while your designing a project.

Besides what to expect when transitioning from 2D to 3D software enjoying the process of graphic design will always have it’s rewards. Each project is a digital journey waiting to unveil the mystery of creation.

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