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3 Reasons to use an Address Correction Tool for Efficiency

If you do a lot of mailings or ship a lot of packages, you will find there are lots of benefits to have the addresses in your database verified. There are several services available to help you with this process as well as software you can purchase so you can do it yourself. Accurate customer information is crucial when running a business to help it run smoothly and efficiently. The U.S. Post Office works diligently to get companies that do mailings to make sure their information is correct and offers publications to help them with the process.
Quality Customer Information
Organizations are finding it important to both retain customers as well as go out and look for new ones. Organizations need to evolve their processes and work hard to maintain a high level of customer service that the consumers today are expecting.
Data quality tools can help you deliver the level of customer support that is needed in today’s world. A great customer experience will help retain your loyal customer base plus encourage repeat business. You need to find a service or software system that can make sure your data is accurate and complete. This can help you personalize your customer service giving them a unique customer experience beyond their expectations.
Reduce Your Costs
Improving your data base will also reduce your return on investment by preventing wasteful spending when you continue to use incomplete and incorrect data. Poor data can be expensive and many companies have limited financial performance as a result of their incomplete and inaccurate data.

Costs for reshipping items and for returned items for incomplete or inaccurate addresses add up. There is also the cost of delayed shipments and communications with customers which can impact the customer experience. Data quality tools can speed up delivery times, reduce the amount of returned mail you receive and reduce operational costs for your company. Bad data costs companies millions of dollars each year from call handle time to returned shipment fees. When the data is right the first time, you see happy customers and a healthy bottom line.

Increase Performance
By improving your efficiency, consolidating your data sources and streamlining your operations, you will see substantial operational and financial benefits. Focusing on data quality by using either data quality tools or a service with eliminate time-consuming rework and improve and simplify processes.

Improved business operations can be seen several ways:
• Identifying duplicate records which decrease call center hold times
• Email verification will minimize form fields on websites
• Drive value by ensuring your data is clean
• Packages shipped correctly the first time by validating addresses

Hundreds of companies have learned that by improving your data quality you will expand the customer experience, operations performance and improve message delivery.

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