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3 Important Vitamins You Should Be Taking

Vitamins are vital for regular body functioning and overall health. The problem is many Americans do not consume enough of them in their diets. There is a good reason why many Americans are turning to vitamin supplements or are actively attempting to change their diets to include foods with more nutrients. The following are the vitamins Americans need the most.

1. Vitamin E

Eight out of 10 Americans do not have enough vitamin E in their diet. This is a big number and a real concern. This vitamin is considered the body’s most important antioxidant.

A deficiency of this vitamin could lead to oxidative stress and this can cause all sorts of problems for someone such as premature aging and muscle weakness. It should also be noted that vitamin E is very important for the central nervous system. This means a person with this deficiency could experience disorientation or even vision issues. Foods that contain vitamin E include hazelnuts, almonds, and wheat germ.

2. Vitamin C

A lot of people are suffering from vitamin C deficiency as well. There are many symptoms associated with this vitamin such as easy bruising and rough or bumpy skin. People who are deficient in vitamin C may also notice corkscrew-shaped body hair or spoon-shaped fingernails with strange red spots or lines.

Your skin could also be dry for no reason, and you may even start seeing that your wounds heal slower than usual. Some people notice that their hair turns slightly red because they are vitamin C deficient. People who are severely deficient may also experience swollen joints that could become painful. Keep in mind that about 50 percent of Americans are not getting enough vitamin C from guavas, black currant, or papayas.

3. Vitamin A

50 percent of Americans are also deficient in vitamin A. Not having enough of this vitamin in your body can lead to all sorts of problems like night blindness or dry eyes. You could also develop dry skin and that is just the beginning. There are some people who actually begin to get more infections than usual while others may even suffer blindness.

This particular vitamin can be found in cantaloupes, spinach, butternut squash, kale, and broccoli just to name a few. It is important that you purchase these items and some of the items mentioned earlier as fresh as possible to receive the most nutrients from them. Granted, sometimes this can be hard, which is why vitamin supplements are necessary to give you a boost.

It is important to recognize that vitamins are not the only thing Americans need to worry about. There are also minerals such as potassium and calcium that many Americans are failing to consume. Talk to your doctor to see if a plan can be created to suit your needs.

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