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3 Great Ways to Mix Up Your Workout Routine with Barre

“Good health is better than wealth equated in gold and silver.” Those were the words of Mahatma Gandhi. Today, people are looking for various ways of maintaining physical wellness. Barre workout can be recommended as an effective form of exercise on its own or when mixed up with another form of exercise. Here are some benefits you can get from enrolling in barre classes.

Improved flexibility

Through frequent stretching, Barre exercise can actually enhance your range of motion. In most circumstances, most individuals are strong but lack flexibility. Others can comfortably tuck themselves in a box, but they are not strong. Regardless of where you fall, barre is an effective means of becoming both strong and flexible.

Better Posture

One rule of thumb when performing the bar method is maintaining a straight backbone in most movements. That plays a key role in aligning the hips, shoulders, and spine, which eventually results in an improved posture. Additionally, with strong core muscles, you can maintain a straight back, which makes you stand tall.

While frequent barre workout can bring much improvement to underworked muscles, repeating the same circuits of bar movements can lead to monotony and loss of the initial enthusiasm. If you are in this workout plateau, try the following tips to make the most of your barre sessions.

  1. Muscle Over Momentum

If you grow accustomed to a specific barre exercise, it leads to a comfort zone. The major culprit in this is paying attention to momentum. One forgets that each barre movement targets specific muscles. Mastering control and focus in barre is important to create a workout plan that engages the targeted muscle group.

  1. Appreciate the Frequent “Shake”

When you intensively practice barre the correct way, you’ll occasionally experience a body “shake. That is normal, as the body responds to the changes and shifts in muscle alignments. This reaction by the body is due to increased acidity within the targeted muscles because it taps into the body’s aerobic system. Overcoming the “shake” is a form of workout regarded to as “muscle overload” which can effectively bring change. Thus, to bring drastic change, try working the muscles to fatigue. Remember not to work out beyond your limit especially when exercising with an injury.


  1. Stretching is Part of Exercise; Not a Break

Barre workout is often viewed as a unique form of workout because of the stretching involved in it. Traditional barre movements majorly focused on strengthening certain muscle groups. Afterward, that’s immediately followed with a stretch to overcome the resistance. The combination of strength and flexibility results in a balanced and sculpted Body. Therefore, view the stretch session as a vital part of the exercise and not a time to relax and grab a bottle of water.

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